Promotional Counter And Floor Mats

Feature and benefits
·       Amazing to be use indoor and outdoor
·       Very easy to clean with vacuum
·       18 bright colors
·       Manufactured for long-lasting life
·       Anti-slip surface

These mats have been designed and manufactured thinking they can be placed almost everywhere. They are very resistant thanks to high quality materials of nylon. These promotional counter and floor mats are very elegant as well as strong and are capable to resist rough usage. This is the perfect solution for marketing campaigns, and promotes your brand and company. In addition, you can get these mats in a myriad of colors to combine according to your needs.

You can give to your place a stunning image having these mats on any entrance of your business or office.

Custom Logo Mats With Rugs
Feature and benefits
·       Good for using indoor and outdoor
·       Very easy to clean with vacuum
·       50 bright different colors
·       Non-skid surface
·       Long-lasting

Every business owner would love to have a custom logo mat with rugs to promote their brands or company names. This is a very efficient way to make marketing enjoying with a high-quality and durable mat with rugs. These amazing mats are capable to retain debris to avoid skids. In addition, they come in different colors, are manufactured of nylon and are very special to promote your commercial brand.  

Moreover, they are very resistant to multiple washes without having any damage or discoloration.

You can place your mat in the entrance of your business


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